Ad Management for Small Business
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Ad Management for Small Business

Jerry Kelly, CMO, Madwire
Jerry Kelly, CMO, Madwire

Jerry Kelly, CMO, Madwire

Advertising is an ever-evolving entity, and technology is the driving force behind it. Every year technology evolves exponentially and as Moore’s law states, technological advancements double every two years. Nothing is going to stop this progression, there will be no opportunity to step off for an intermission, and the brakes are not functioning on this bullet train. Just take heart in the fact that in the next 25 years, we will not even recognize the business landscape. Of course, one constant will remain; there will always be small businesses offering goods and services in their community. Regardless of the technology involved, future businesses will have the same needs that drive current businesses. Conversions, ROI, ads, are not going anywhere and staying organized is the key to effective management.

Infinite Possibilities for Marketing

The advertising landscape is diverse, and there are many unique channels available. More advertisements are posted online each month than at any other time in history, and now there are better ways to reach potential clients. Through digital marketing alone, you could have half a dozen advertising channels to manage, leaving a large margin for error and dropped balls. Back in the day, you had to consider, print, flyers, and media advertising were all connected to your business. Currently, these connections are more complex and can easily get lost in the shuffle. Social media, voice search, multimedia ads, Google ads, and retargeting, all of these need to be meticulously managed, not only for budget concerns but for convertibility.

Social Media Ads and Retargeting

Social media has changed the game like nothing else when it comes to the ability of small businesses to reach potential conversions through ads. There are estimated to be over two billion users on Facebook, over 300 million on Twitter, and Instagram has over a billion users. If you are not utilizing this ad stream, you are missing out.

Everyone loves retargeting ads, right? Regardless of public opinion, they work. Retargeting gets customers back in front of your brand and increases conversions. This is also the best way to increase brand awareness. Social channels like Facebook are excellent ways to combine social media marketing and retargeting.

Once you have committed to sticking your fingers in all of the gooey advertising channels, it is time to get organized. Embracing diversity in your ad strategy is the best way to test potential leads and figure out what works for your brand and what does not. As a small business, that can be a huge challenge, not only ad management, but social media management, search engine optimization, reputation management, website administration, and much more. There is a lot of truth in the cliché that small business owners wear a lot of hats, even though it sounds like a bad insurance commercial. Having a system in place Like Marketing 360 to manage all of these aspects of marketing is critical to not only keeping your sanity but increasing your overall success.

In the changing marketing landscape, diversifying your ads is essential when getting your product or services in front of new clients. Make sure every moving part is connected. Social, paid, print, and media, all must be in symbiosis with each other if the end goal is to be achieved. As an advice, we would recommend, meticulously managing your ad accounts, stay organized, watch your budget, don’t blow the whole thing retargeting every visitor, and find a software platform that works for you.



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